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Born in 1960, Vladimir Krutov was the left wing of the KLM-Line. His nickname “The Tank” says a lot about his style of playing hockey. He was a hard worker in front of the goal and his ability to score was well known in the hockey world.

Joining the Central Red Army team in 1977, he won the national title 12 times. His international career with the Red Army team included two Olympic Gold, one Olympic Silver Medal, winning the World Championship 6 times and victory in the Canada Cup in 1981. He was named Player of the Year in the Soviet Union 1987 and had several national and international All-Star appearances.

After his successful years in Russia, Krutov changed along with his teammate Igor Larionov to the NHL to join the Vancouver Canucks. Of all the Russian players who went to North America that year, Krutov had the worst and shortest stay. Coming untrained and overweight, he had no chance to convince the Canucks of the qualities which he had shown e.g. at the Canada Cup in 1987.

Former Canucks Head Coach: “His usual routine was to stop at a 7-eleven Store and order two hot dogs, a bag of potato chips and a soft drink. After practice, he would return for a second order”.

After that year in Vancouver with 11 goals, 23 assists for 34 points in 61 games, Vladimir returned to Europe to play for several years in Switzerland and in Sweden. He is now working as an assistant coach in Russia.