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Hi everybody,

Thank you for visiting my site. This page is all about Sergei Makarov, one of the best Russian hockey players ever. You will also find some general information about the history of Soviet hockey.

This Page is dedicated to the coolest game on earth. It is not a political page. I do not support communism in any way and this is not an anti-Canadian hockey site either, so please respect this. Feel free to add your comments in my Guestbook, but in a sporting way.

I can’t guarantee all stats and information. I tried to do my best to inform you correctly. But, if you happen to find any mistakes, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ve used a lot pictures and information from other Homepages and different books. If I’ve broken any copyright rules, please inform me and I will remove these things immediately. For the other pictures I’d like to say “Thank you” to all the unknown photographers.

Special thanks to Mr. Tom Cullen for the translation ..and .. the georgeous alena bunk for the webdesign.

FOR THE LOVE OF THIS GAME...                 Enjoy your visit!!
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